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UDP (User Datagram Protocol) 2nd
uninstallation programs
Unique static mapping node type (WINS)
universal groups (Active Directory)
unrevoking digital certificates
     dynamic updates, DNS 2nd
     LMHOSTS files
     Windows server Update Service
upgrades, Windows Server 2008
     clean installation versus
     in-place upgrades
Use Temporary Folders Per Sessions option (Terminal Server)
User (using Kerberos V5) option (Customize IPSec Settings dialog box)
user accounts
     domain accounts
         adding users to
         setting logon hours
         setting properties in
         specifying computers for login
     local user accounts
         adding to computers
         adding to groups
User Accounts window (Control Panel)
User Cannot Change Password check box (Active Directory)
User certificates (digital)
User Client Access licenses
User Configuration section (Group Policy Objects Editor)
     Administrative Templates
     Software Settings
     Windows Settings
User Must Change Password at Next Logon check box (Active Directory)
user principal names
Users and Computers snap-in (AD DS)
     Find feature
    Properties dialog box
         Account tab
         COM+ tab
         Dial-In tab
         Environment tab
         General tab
         Member Of tab
         Organization tab
         Profile tab
         Sessions tab
         Telephones tab
         Terminal Services Profile tab
     users, adding to domains
Users and Computers tab (Windows Firewall Properties dialog box)
Users groups

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