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Using VBA to Develop Utilities Excel 5, released in 1992, was the first version of Excel to include VBA. When I received the beta version of Excel 5, I was very impressed by VBA’s potential. VBA was light years ahead of Excel’s powerful (but cryptic) XLM macro language, and I decided that I wanted to […]

About VBA Excel 5 was the first application on the market to feature Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA is best thought of as Microsoft’s common application scripting language, and it’s included with most Office 2007 applications and even in applications from other vendors. Therefore, if you master VBA by using Excel, you’ll be able […]

Inside an Excel File As I’ve noted, Excel 2007 uses a new XML format for its workbooks, templates, and addins. These files are actually ZIP compressed files. As such, they can be “unzipped” and examined. Previous versions of Excel used a binary file format. Although the binary file format specifications are known, working with binary […]

The QAT File The only user interface element in Excel 2007 that’s customizable by the end user is the Quick Access Toolbar. The information for the QAT is stored in a file named Excel.qat, and this file is located here: C:Documents and Settings<username>Local SettingsApplication Data MicrosoftOFFICE This file is updated whenever a change is made […]

Chapter 4: Understanding Excel’s Files  Download CD Content Overview In This Chapter These topics are covered in this chapter. A description of the various ways to start Excel A discussion of the files that Excel can open and save An introduction to the new XML file format in Excel 2007 Details about how Excel uses […]

Analysis Tools Excel is certainly no slouch when it comes to analysis. After all, that’s what most people use a spreadsheet for. Most analysis tasks can be handled with formulas, but Excel offers many other options. Outlines A worksheet outline is often an excellent way to work with hierarchical data such as budgets. Excel can […]

 < Free Open Study >        •  Table of Contents Web Services: A Manager’s Guide By Anne Thomas Manes   Publisher : Addison Wesley Pub Date : June 11, 2003 ISBN : 0-321-18577-3 Pages : 352 Slots : 1         Copyright     Praise for Web Services     Addison-Wesley Information Technology Series     Foreword: Understanding the […]

 < Free Open Study >    Addison-Wesley Information Technology Series Capers Jones and David S. Linthicum, Consulting Editors The information technology (IT) industry is in the public eye now more than ever before because of a number of major issues in which software technology and national policies are closely related. As the use of software expands, there […]

 < Free Open Study >    Associated Products The associated products are products that use or rely on Web services. There are lots of different types of associated Web services products. Many of them existed long before Web services came onto the scene, and they have been adapted or extended to work with and exploit the power […]

 < Free Open Study >    Chapter 8. Web Services Infrastructure Thus far we’ve talked a lot about why and where you might use Web services. Although we’ve looked at the basic technology that supports Web services, we have yet to talk about what you need if you want to build Web services. You don’t build applications […]

 < Free Open Study >    Bell Ringers Which applications would benefit most from Web services? Where should you start? What are the key criteria that should ring a bell in your head and make you think, “This is a job for Web services”? Heterogeneous Integration The first and most obvious bell ringer is the need to […]

 < Free Open Study >    Web Services Hype Web services have been a victim of the hype hurricane. We’ve heard the far-fetched stories: Web services will revolutionize computing; Web services will enable dynamic assembly of software components; Web services will enable dynamic business relationships. Although technically most of these stories are plausible, realistically many of them […]

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