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Editing Group Policies Creating a new GPO (and linking it) is actually only half of the work that you have to do to create a functional GPO. You have to edit the new GPO and configure its settings before it provides you with any functionality. To edit a GPO, right-click on the GPO in the […]

Configuring WDS for Remote Installations You need to configure some of the properties related to your WDS installation before you can begin to remotely install client or server operating systems on network clients. To open the Properties dialog box for your WDS server, right-click the server node (the node with the actual server name) and […]


Index X XLAM add-in files AddIns collection, 710 chart sheets, 711 introduction, 537 visibility, 710-711 worksheets, 711 XLSM files and, 710 XLB files, 90 XLM macro sheets formulas, 18 introduction, 16 XLM macros, 358-361 XLSM add-in files chart sheets, 711 visibility, 710-711 worksheets, 711 XLAM files and, 710 XML (eXtensible Markup Language) description, 42 exporting […]


Index F F4 function key, 933 File already exists error, 990 File already open error, 990 file associations, Windows API, 377-378 File not found error, 990 file structure, developers and, 13 file types accdb, 79 accde, 79 database files, 79 dbf, 79 dif, 79 htm (Hypertext Markup Language), 80 mdb, 79 mde, 79 mht (Single […]

User Interface How do I use VBA to add a simple button to the Ribbon? You can’t. You must write special XML code (known as RibbonX code) and insert the XML document into a workbook file by using third-party tools. Or, if you’re a glutton for punishment (and know what you’re doing), you can do […]

Text File Manipulation Examples This section contains a number of examples that demonstrate various techniques that manipulate text files. Importing data in a text file The following example reads a text file and then places each line of data in a single cell (beginning with the active cell): Sub ImportData() Open “c:datatextfile.txt” For Input As […]

Chapter 27: Manipulating Files with VBA  Download CD Content Overview In This Chapter In this chapter, I describe how to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to perform common (and not so common) file operations and work directly with text files. A basic overview of VBA text file manipulation features Performing common file operations Various […]

Chapter 22: Working with the Ribbon  Download CD Content Overview In This Chapter Perhaps the most significant change in Office 2007 is the new Ribbon-based user interface. This chapter provides an overview of the Ribbon and describes how it relates to VBA. The new Excel 2007 Ribbon UI, from a user’s perspective How you can […]

VBA and the Ribbon Now, the big question: What can a VBA programmer do with the Ribbon? The simple answer is this: not much. Following is a list of what you can do with the Ribbon using VBA: Determine whether a particular control is enabled. Determine whether a particular control is visible. Determine whether a […]

Customizing the Ribbon You can’t perform any Ribbon modifications using VBA. Rather, you must write RibbonX code and insert the code into the workbook file – which is done outside of Excel. You can, however, create VBA callback procedures. A callback procedure is a VBA macro that is executed when a custom Ribbon control is […]

Application Events In earlier sections, I discuss Workbook events and Worksheet events. Those events are monitored for a particular workbook. If you want to monitor events for all open workbooks or all worksheets, you use Application-level events. Note  Creating event handler procedures to handle Application events always requires a class module and some setup work. […]

Workbook-Level Events Workbook-level events occur within a particular workbook. Table 19-1 lists the workbook events, along with a brief description of each. Workbook event handler procedures are stored in the code module for the ThisWorkbook object. Table 19-1: WORKBOOK EVENTS Open table as spreadsheet Event Action That Triggers the Event Activate A workbook is activated. […]

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