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List of Tables Chapter 3: Formula Tricks and Techniques Table 3-1: COMPARING SIMPLE FORMULAS IN TWO NOTATIONS Table 3-2: EXCEL ERROR VALUES Table 3-3: COUNTING FORMULA EXAMPLES Table 3-4: SUMMING FORMULA EXAMPLES Table 3-5: INTERMEDIATE FORMULAS WRITTEN IN ROW 2 IN FIGURE 3-9 Chapter 4: Understanding Excel’s Files Table 4-1: EXCEL COMMAND LINE SWITCHES Table […]

List of Sidebars Chapter 2: Excel in a Nutshell How Big Is a Worksheet? What’s New in Excel 2007? What’s New in the Visual Basic Editor? Chapter 3: Formula Tricks and Techniques Referencing Data in a Table Hidden Names The Secret to Understanding Cell and Range Names Chapter 4: Understanding Excel’s Files Workspace Files Before […]

CD Content Following are select files from this book’s Companion CD-ROM. These files are for your personal use, are governed by the Books24x7 Membership Agreement, and are copyright protected by the publisher, author, and/or other third parties. Unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution is strictly prohibited. For more information about this content see ‘What’s on the […]

List of Figures Chapter 1: Excel 2007-Where It Came From Figure 1-1: VisiCalc, running in a DOS window on a PC running Windows XP. Figure 1-2: The original Excel 2.1 for Windows. This product has come a long way. Figure 1-3: Excel 3 was a vast improvement over the original release. Figure 1-4: Excel 4 […]


Index U UBound function, 267, 986 UCase function, 271, 987 UI (user interface) contextual tabs, 21 developers and, 13 dialog boxes, custom, 117-118 Ribbon, 20-25 Ribbon, customizing, 114 shortcut keys, 116-117 shortcut menus, 116 unlinked charts, creating, 613-615 Unload command, 428 Unload statement, 981 UnzipAFile procedure, 858 unzipping files, 858 UpdateBox procedure, 489-490 UpdateChart procedure, […]


Index P /p directory switch, 74 page breaks, 934 Page Layout tab (Ribbon) description, 728 RibbonX code, 742-743 PageCount function, 348 pages extended property, 839 Partition function, 985 passing arguments to procedures, 251-255 literals to procedures, 253 passwords add-ins, 124 assigning, 124 security of, 124 VBA code, 36-37 workbooks, 36 path, current, 982 Path not […]


Index T /t filename switch, 74 Tab function, 986 tab order of controls, Properties window (VBE), 425 table style, 935 tabs color, 935 font, 935 TabStrip control, UserForms, 419 Tag property, UserForms, 443 Tan function, 986 tangent of numbers, 986 task pane, 29 templates creating, 82-83 defaults and, 82-83 introduction, 80-81 new, 934 viewing, 81-82 […]

Files and Software on the CD The following sections provide more details about the software and other materials available on the CD. eBook version of Excel 2007 Power Programming with VBA The complete text of the book you hold in your hands is provided on the CD in Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF). You can […]

Invoking Excel Functions in VBA Instructions If a VBA function that’s equivalent to one you use in Excel is not available, you can use Excel’s worksheet functions directly in your VBA code. Just precede the function with a reference to the WorksheetFunction object. For example, VBA does not have a function to convert radians to […]

Appendix C: VBA Error Codes This Appendix contains a complete listing of the error codes for all trappable errors in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This information is useful for error trapping. For complete details, consult Excel’s help system. Open table as spreadsheet Error Code Message 3 Return without GoSub. 5 Invalid procedure call or […]

Functions I created a VBA function for use in worksheet formulas. However, it always returns #NAME?. What went wrong? You probably put the function in the code module for a Sheet (for example, Sheet1) or in the ThisWorkbook module. Custom worksheet functions must reside in standard VBA modules. I wrote a VBA function that works […]

Objects, Properties, Methods, and Events Is there a listing of the Excel objects I can use? Yes. The Help system has that information. I’m overwhelmed with all the properties and methods available. How can I find out which methods and properties are available for a particular object? There are several ways. You can use the […]

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