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Other Home Networking Solutions If you are working at home or in a small office, you have an alternative to hole-drilling; pulling specialized network cabling; and learning how to configure TCP/IP, IPX, or NetBEUI protocols. So-called “home” networking is designed to minimize the complexities of cabling and protocol configuration by providing users with a sort […]

Modem Standards For two modems to communicate, they must share the same protocol. A protocol is a specification that determines how two entities will communicate. Just as humans must share a common language and vocabulary to speak with each other, two computers or two modems must share a common protocol. In the case of modems, […]

Internet Troubleshooting This section deals with hardware problems that can cause Internet problems. Software problems usually are caused by incorrect configuration of the TCP/IP protocol required by all types of Internet connections. For more information about TCP/IP or other software problems, see Chapter 18. Diagnosing Problems with a Shared Internet Connection Although each Internet sharing […]

Pointing Devices The mouse was invented in 1964 by Douglas Englebart, who at the time was working at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), a think tank sponsored by Stanford University. The mouse was officially called an X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System. Xerox later applied the mouse to its revolutionary Alto computer system in […]

Input Devices for Gaming Originally, game players on the PC used the arrow keys or letter keys on the keyboard to play all types of games. As you can imagine, this limited the number and type of games that could be played on the PC. Analog Joysticks and the Game Port As video standards improved, […]

Wireless Input Devices For several years, many manufacturers have offered cordless versions of mice and keyboards. In most cases, these devices have used either infrared or short-range radio transceivers to attach to standard USB or PS/2 ports, with matching transceivers located inside the mouse or keyboard. Wireless input devices are designed to be easier to […]

Keyboard Technology The technology that makes up a typical PC keyboard is very interesting. This section focuses on all the aspects of keyboard technology and design, including the keyswitches, the interface between the keyboard and the system, the scan codes, and the keyboard connectors. Keyswitch Design Today’s keyboards use any one of several switch types […]

Chapter 15. I/O Interfaces from Serial and Parallel to IEEE 1394 and USB Introduction to Input/Output Ports Universal Serial Bus IEEE 1394 Standard Serial and Parallel Ports Serial Ports Parallel Ports

Introduction to Input/Output Ports This chapter covers the primary peripheral input/output ports on a modern PC system. This includes a discussion of both the so-called “legacy” serial and parallel ports that have been standard on PCs since the beginning, as well as a discussion of the more current Universal Serial Bus (USB), which is replacing […]

Universal Serial Bus Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an external peripheral bus standard designed to bring Plug and Play capability for attaching peripherals externally to the PC. USB eliminates the need for special-purpose ports, reduces the need to use special-purpose I/O cards (thus reducing the need to reconfigure the system with each new device added), […]

IEEE 1394 The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Standards Board introduced IEEE 1394 (or just 1394 for short) in late 1995. The number comes from the fact that this happened to be the 1,394th standard they published. It is the result of the large data-moving demands of today’s audio and video multimedia devices. The […]

Audio Adapter Features To make an intelligent purchasing decision, you should be aware of some audio adapter basic components and the features they provide, as well as the advanced features you can get on better audio adapters. The following sections discuss the features you should consider while evaluating audio adapters for your PC. Basic Connectors […]

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