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Sharing a Printer When you install a local printer as discussed in the previous section (by attaching the USB cable), you still need to share the printer. (When you add a network printer that has not previously been shared, you are given the option of sharing it.) Printers are shared via the printer’s Properties dialog […]

Q&A Q How is a printer installed on a print server? A USB printers need only be connected to the server. You can add remote printers and direct-connect printers to a server running Windows Server 2008 by using the Add Printer Wizard. Q What is the benefit of direct-connect printers? A This type of printer […]

Installing a Local Printer Setting up a local printer is really just a matter of directly attaching the printer to the Windows Server 2008 computer with a USB cable. Because Windows Server 2008 embraces Plug and Play, most printers (unless you are dealing with a fairly old legacy printer) are recognized automatically and installed by […]

Using BitLocker Encryption Windows BitLocker drive encryption is a new encryption feature that was created during the development cycle that produced Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. BitLocker encrypts all the data on the volume. It can be used to encrypt all the data on the volume that contains the Windows operating system, including paging […]

Converting a Basic Drive to a Dynamic Drive Basic disks can be converted to dynamic disks quickly in the Disk Management snap-in. You will also find, when you attempt to extend a basic disk, that the process also upgrades the disk to a dynamic disk. If you want to build any fault tolerance into your […]

Working with Printers and Other Hardware Devices Because a server offers services based on the hardware installed on it, such as a print server or file server, you need to access settings related to a printer (or printers) connected to a server and also access device settings for other hardware installed on the computer. Because […]


Index [SYMBOL] [A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z] u-pipes, U.S. Robotics, UART (universal asynchronous receiver transmitter) chips, 2nd UART-free modems, UDF (Universal Disk Format) file system, UDMA (Ultra-DMA),     CD/DVD drives     Mode 2     Mode 4     Mode […]


Index [SYMBOL] [A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z] T&L (transform and lighting), T-1 connections, T-3 connections, T-buffers, tactile feedback mechanisms (pure mechanical switches), TAD (Telephone Answering Device), tailgate devices, Tandberg Data SLR drives, TAO (Track-at-Once) […]

Introduction Welcome to Upgrading and Repairing PCs, 17th Edition. Since debuting as the first book of its kind on the market in 1988, no other book on PC hardware has matched the depth and quality of the information found in this tome. The 17th edition continues Upgrading and Repairing PCs’ role as not only the […]


Index [SYMBOL] [A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z] i.Link [See FireWire.]I/O (input/output) [See BIOS (basic input/output system),; input devices.]     arbitrated buses     ATA (AT Attachment)         40-pin connectors         50-pin connectors         cables         keying         signals     I/O buses (expansion slots)         […]

PC Maintenance Tools To troubleshoot and repair PC systems properly, you need a few basic tools. If you intend to troubleshoot and repair PCs professionally, there are many more specialized tools you will want to purchase. These advanced tools enable you to more accurately diagnose problems and make jobs easier and faster. The basic tools […]

System Components In these days of commodity parts and component pricing, building your own system from scratch is no longer the daunting process it once was. Every component necessary to build a PC system is available off the shelf at competitive pricing. In many cases, the system you build can use the same or even […]

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