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ANALGESICS Short Acting Narcotics hydrocodone/APAP codeine/APAP oxycodone IR* morphine sulfate IR NSAIDS diclofenac ibuprofen meloxicam naproxen Other Analgesic tramadol ORAL ANTI-INFECTIVES Antifungals fluconazole nystatin terbinafine Cephalosporins and Related amoxicillin/clavulanate cephalexin cefdinir Macrolides Azithromycin Quinolones ciprofloxacin levofloxacin Tetracyclines doxycycline hyclate minocycline IR tetracycline Other clindamycin SMX/TMP metronidazole Antivirals acyclovir BEHAVIORAL HEALTH ADHD amphetamine salt combo dextroamphetamine […]

Figure 9-8. Ionic composition of perilymph in the scala vestibuli, endolymph in the scala media, and perilymph in the scala tympani. SL, spiral ligament. SV, stria vascularis. The dashed arrow indicates the path by which K+ recycles from the hair cells to the supporting cells to the spiral ligament and is then secreted back into […]

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