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CHROMAFFIN CELLS Chromaffin cells are derived from the neural crest and found at numerous sites throughout the body. They are the classic chromaffin cells of the suprarenal medulla, bronchial neuroepithelial cells, dispersed epithelial endocrine cells of the gut (formerly known as argentaffin cells), carotid body cells, and the paraganglia. The sympathetic ganglia, suprarenal medulla and […]

ABBREVIATIONS & SYMBOLS COMMONLY USED IN PHYSIOLOGY Use of abbreviations and acronyms has become so extensive in modern physiology and related sciences that it would be impossible to present a complete list here. Furthermore, most proteins that are isolated today are simply assigned a name made up of letters and numbers that bears no relation […]

CHAPTER 13 This chapter is concerned specifically with the motor component of the peripheral autonomic nervous system that innervates the viscera. Visceral afferents are discussed in Chapters 5 and 7, and the central regulation of visceral function in Chapter 14. The material in the chapter should help students to— • Describe the location of the […]

Table 4-1. Neurotransmitters and neuromodulators in the nervous system of mammals.1 Substance Location Acetylcholine Myoneural junction; preganglionic autonomic endings, postganglionic sympathetic sweat gland, and muscle vasodilator endings; many parts of brain; endings of some amacrine cells in retina. Amines     Dopamine SIF cells in sympathetic ganglia; striatum, median eminence, and other parts of hypothalamus; […]

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