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Configuring Network Interfaces Because the RRAS-enabled server is to serve as a router between two segments of the network, you need to configure the network interfaces on the server with the appropriate fixed IP addresses. The IP address for each network interface is dictated by the range of IP addresses that you are using for […]

Adding the Network Policy and Access Services Role You can add the Network Policy and Access Services role from the Initial Configuration Tasks window or the Server Manager. Select the Add Roles link and then click Next to bypass the Add Roles Wizard’s initial page. On the next wizard page (see Figure 18.1), select the […]

Adding the Network Policy and Access Services Role To add the Network Policy and Access Services role to the server’s configuration, use the Add Roles Wizard. Because the Network Policy and Access Services role is actually a group of bundled remote access, routing, and access security services, you should add only the services you need […]

Enabling and Configuring RRAS RRAS is configured in the Routing and Remote Access snap-in. This snap-in can be accessed in the Server Manager (expand the Network Policy and Access Services node), or you can run the RRAS snap-in in the MMC (Start, Administrative Tools, and then Routing and Remote Access). The first thing you must […]

Summary The Network Policy and Access Services role provides a number of remote access and network policy services including the Network Policy Server and Routing and Remote Access Services. RAS servers can provide dial-in remote access by using asynchronous modems and can also supply remote access via virtual private networks. Remote access is enabled on […]

Summary In this hour, you looked at the Domain Name Service. DNS provides a hierarchical name-resolution system for resolving FQDNs (friendly) to IP addresses. Each organization typically deploys its own DNS server that handles the resolution duties of that domain. The root of the DNS tree is represented by the . (dot). Top-level domains under […]

Configuring the DHCP Service with a Scope The DHCP scope provides the range of IP addresses that the server can hand out to requesting DHCP clients. The DHCP server can’t function without a scope. The scope includes a start address (for the range of IP addresses) and an end address. IP address scopes may also […]

Monitoring and Troubleshooting the DNS Server Service The DNS snap-in not only lists dynamic updates resulting in host records for hosts on the network; the snap-in also provides you with a way to test the DNS server and monitor the results. Two different tests in the form of queries are available: a simple query and […]

Configuring the DNS Server The Domain Name Service that has been installed on the server is managed through the DNS snap-in. You open the DNS snap-in in the Server Manager by expanding the Roles and DNS Server nodes in the Nodes pane. The Server Manager also provides you with a quick fix in terms of […]

Installing the Domain Name Service The Windows Server 2008 implementation of DNS, which was known as the Dynamic Domain Name Service in previous versions of the Windows Server product line (DDNS was originally implemented in the Windows 2000 Server product), provides for dynamic updates, which allows network clients using the DNS service to automatically update […]

Managing Printers and Print Servers The Print Management snap-in (which can be accessed in the Server Manager or the MMC) enables you to manage printers and print servers in your domain. You can view print servers and the printers that they provide for the domain. You can even locate (using filters) printers that currently have […]

Adding the Print Services Role to a Server As soon as you have installed a local printer (or a direct-connect printer, as discussed in the previous section) and shared the printer, you have, in effect, created a print server; all you need to do to make the printer available to other computers on the network […]

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