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Power Supply Specifications Power supplies have several specifications that define their input and output capabilities as well as their operational characteristics. The following sections define and examine most of the common specifications related to power supplies. Power Supply Loading PC power supplies are of a switching rather than a linear design. The switching type of […]

Primary Function and Operation The basic function of the power supply is to convert the type of electrical power available at the wall socket to the type the computer circuitry can use. The power supply in a conventional desktop system is designed to convert either 120-volt (nominal) 60Hz AC (alternating current) or 240V (nominal) 50Hz […]

Power Supply Form Factors The shape and general physical layout of a component is called the form factor. Items that share a form factor are generally interchangeable, at least as far as their sizes and fits are concerned. When designing a PC, the engineers can choose to use one of the popular standard power supply […]

Power Switches Three main types of power switches are used on PCs. They can be described as follows: Front panel motherboard-controlled switch (ATX and newer) Front panel power supply AC switch (AT/LPX; obsolete) Integral power supply AC switch (PC/XT/AT; obsolete) ATX and Newer All ATX and newer power supplies that employ the 20- or 24-pin […]

Power Supply Troubleshooting Troubleshooting the power supply basically means isolating the supply as the cause of problems within a system and, if necessary, replacing it. Caution It is rarely recommended that an inexperienced user open a power supply to make repairs because of the dangerous high voltages present. Even when unplugged, power supplies can retain […]

Repairing the Power Supply Hardly anyone actually repairs power supplies anymore, primarily because simply replacing the supply with a new one is usually cheaper. Even high-quality power supplies are not that expensive when compared to the labor required to repair them. A defective power supply is typically discarded unless it happens to be one of […]

Obtaining Replacement Units Most of the time, it is simply easier, safer, or less expensive (considering the time and materials involved) to replace the power supply than to repair it. As mentioned earlier, replacement power supplies are available from many manufacturers. Before you can shop for a supplier, however, you should consider other purchasing factors. […]

RTC/NVRAM (CMOS RAM) Batteries Most PCs have a special type of chip in them that combines a real-time clock (RTC) with at least 64 bytes (including 14 bytes of clock data) of nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) memory. This chip is officially called the RTC/NVRAM chip, but it is often referred to as the CMOS or CMOS […]

Power Management As the standard PC configuration has grown to include capabilities formerly considered options, the power requirements of the system have increased steadily. Larger displays, DVD-ROM drives, and more powerful graphics cards all need more power to run, and the result is that the cost of operating a PC has risen steadily. To address […]

Considering the Importance of the Power Supply The power supply is not only one of the most important parts in a PC, but it is unfortunately also the most overlooked. The power supply, in the words of the late Rodney Dangerfield, gets no respect! People spend hours discussing their processor speeds, memory capacity, disk storage […]

Troubleshooting a Network The following sections list a series of common networking problems along with solutions that can usually set things right again. Network Software Setup Problem Duplicate computer names. Solution Make sure that every computer on the network has a unique name. Otherwise, you’ll get an error message when you reboot the workstations with […]

Internet Connectivity via Satellite with DirecWAY or StarBand If you’re in an area where cable modem, DSL, or fixed wireless services don’t exist, you might be able to use a satellite connection as a last resort. To see whether this is possible, take a look at the southern sky from your home, condo, or apartment […]

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