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Haemorrhoidectomy Procedure Excision of haemorrhoids Time 20 min Pain ++/+++ Position Supine, lithotomy, head down Blood loss Not significant Practical technique GA, SV LMA and/or caudal Spinal (“saddle block”) Preoperative Assess suitability for LMA + lithotomy + head down position. Consider ETT if the patient is obese. Perioperative Opioid analgesia—short but intensely painful stimulus. Fentanyl […]

Inguinal hernia repair Procedure Repair of inguinal muscular canal defect through which bowel protrudes Time 30–60 min Pain ++/+++ Position Supine Blood loss Not significant Practical techniques GA, SV LMA, inguinal field block Spinal Local infiltration and/or sedation Preoperative Patients are usually adult males or young children. Perioperative Will need opioid if not using a […]

Appendicectomy Procedure Resection of appendix Time 20–40 min Pain ++/+++ Position Supine Blood loss Not significant Practical technique Rapid sequence induction, ETT, IPPV, ilio-inguinal block Preoperative Patients are usually aged 5–20 years and are fit. Can present in the elderly. May be the presenting condition of caecal adenocarcinoma requiring right hemicolectomy. Consent required for suppositories. […]

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy Procedure Laparoscopic removal of gall bladder Time 1–2 h Pain ++/++++ Position Supine, 15–20 degree head up, table tilted towards surgeon Blood loss Not significant Practical technique GA, ETT, IPPV Preoperative Patients typically ‘fair, fat, female, forty’. The procedure is potentially painful. Perioperative The stomach may need deflating, hence insert a larger bore […]

CHAPTER 23 – Cerebral hemisphere The two cerebral hemispheres are the largest major divisions of the brain. Each hemisphere consists of an external highly-convoluted cortex, beneath which lies an extensive internal mass of white matter that partly encloses the basal ganglia. Each hemisphere also contains a lateral ventricle that is continuous with the third ventricle through the […]

Conduct of anaesthesia Use local anaesthetic, or short-acting general anaesthetic drugs which have few residual psychomotor effects and a low incidence of postoperative nausea or vomiting (PONV). Preoperative Nurses, surgeon, and anaesthetist will need to undertake an adequate history and examination as a full medical clerking is not usually performed by junior medical staff. This […]

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