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Motherboard Installation When you are installing your system’s motherboard, unpack the motherboard and check to ensure you have everything that should be included. If you purchase a new board, you typically get at least the motherboard, some I/O cables, and a manual. If you order the motherboard with a processor or memory, it is usually […]

Motherboard Power Connectors Every PC power supply has connectors that attach to the motherboard, providing power to the motherboard; processor; memory; chipset; integrated components such as video, LAN, USB, and FireWire; and any cards plugged in to bus slots. These connectors are very importantnot only are these the main conduit through which power flows to […]

Power Supply Troubleshooting Troubleshooting the power supply basically means isolating the supply as the cause of problems within a system and, if necessary, replacing it. Caution It is rarely recommended that an inexperienced user open a power supply to make repairs because of the dangerous high voltages present. Even when unplugged, power supplies can retain […]

3D Audio One of the biggest issues for serious game players when audio adapters are considered is how well they perform 3D audio tasks. This has been complicated by several factors, including the following: Differing standards for positional audio Hardware versus software processing of 3D audio DirectX support issues Positional Audio The underlying issue common […]

Who’s Who in Audio Because audio adapters have become common features in systems, many vendors have produced audio adapters, audio chips, integrated motherboard chipsets with audio features, and even specialized vacuum tube audio. This section examines some of these companies and their products. As you’ve learned in other chapters, I believe it is very important […]

CD/DVD Read-Only Drives and Specifications When evaluating a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive for your PC, you should consider three distinct sets of criteria, as follows: The drive’s performance specifications The interface the drive requires for connection to your PC The physical disc-handling system the drive uses These criteria will affect how fast the drive operates, […]

Motherboard Selection Criteria (Knowing What to Look For) I am often asked to make a recommendation for purchases. Without guidance, many individuals don’t have any rhyme or reason to their selections and instead base their choices solely on magazine reviews or, even worse, on some personal bias. To help eliminate this haphazard selection process, I […]

System Bus Types, Functions, and Features The heart of any motherboard is the various buses that carry signals between the components. A bus is a common pathway across which data can travel within a computer. This pathway is used for communication and can be established between two or more computer elements. The PC has a […]

Math Coprocessors (Floating-Point Units) This section covers the floating-point unit (FPU) contained in the processor, which was formerly a separate external math coprocessor in the 386 and older chips. Older central processing units designed by Intel (and cloned by other companies) used an external math coprocessor chip. However, when Intel introduced the 486DX, it included […]

Processor Manufacturing Processors are manufactured primarily from silicon, the second most common element on the planet (only the element oxygen is more common). Silicon is the primary ingredient in beach sand; however, in that form it isn’t pure enough to be used in chips. The manner in which silicon is formed into chips is a […]

Processor Specifications Many confusing specifications often are quoted in discussions of processors. The following sections discuss some of these specifications, including the data bus, address bus, and speed. The next section includes a table that lists the specifications of virtually all PC processors. Processors can be identified by two main parameters: how wide they are […]

P5 (586) Fifth-Generation Processors After the fourth-generation chips such as the 486, Intel and other chip manufacturers went back to the drawing board to come up with new architectures and features that they would later incorporate into what they called fifth-generation chips. This section defines the fifth-generation processors from Intel, AMD, and others. Pentium Processors […]

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