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REFERENCES Bogduk, 1997. Bogduk N: Clinical Anatomy of the Lumbar Spine and Sacrum,  3rd edn.. Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone, 1997. Brothwell and Pollard, 2001.  In: Brothwell DR, Pollard AM, ed. Handbook of Archaeological Sciences,  Chichester: Wiley; 2001. Cormack and Lamberty, 1994.  Cormack GC, Lamberty BGH 1994; see Bibliography. Crock, 1980. Crock HV: An atlas of the arterial supply of the head and neck of the femur in man.  Clin Orthop  1980; 152:17-25. Crock, 1996. […]

REFERENCES Ferretti and Tickle, 2006. Ferretti P, Tickle C: The limbs.   In: Ferretti P, Copp A, Tickle C, Moore G, ed. Embryos. Genes and Birth Defects,  2nd edn.. Chichester: Wiley; 2006:123-166. Presents the most recently identified genes involved in the control of limb development. Hinchcliffe and Johnson, 1980. Hinchcliffe JR, Johnson DR: The Development of the Vertebrate Limb.  An Approach through Experiment, Genetics and Evolution,  Oxford: Clarendon Press; 1980. Presents the classic experiments on limb development. Lane and […]

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