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Troubleshooting New Installations At this point, the system should reset and attempt to boot normally from either a floppy disk or a hard disk. With the operating system startup disk in the floppy drive or the bootable operating system CD in the CD-ROM drive, the system should boot and either reach an installation menu or […]

Disassembly/Upgrading Preparation After you’ve built your system, you probably will have to open it again sometime to perform a repair or an upgrade. Before you power off the system for the last time and begin to open the case, you should learn and record several things about your computer. Often, when working on a system, […]

System Components In these days of commodity parts and component pricing, building your own system from scratch is no longer the daunting process it once was. Every component necessary to build a PC system is available off the shelf at competitive pricing. In many cases, the system you build can use the same or even […]

Hardware and Software Resources When you are planning to build a system, it is important to consider how all your selected components will work together and how the software you run must support them. It is not enough to be sure that you have sufficient slots on the motherboard for all your expansion cards and […]

Motherboard Installation When you are installing your system’s motherboard, unpack the motherboard and check to ensure you have everything that should be included. If you purchase a new board, you typically get at least the motherboard, some I/O cables, and a manual. If you order the motherboard with a processor or memory, it is usually […]

Power Management As the standard PC configuration has grown to include capabilities formerly considered options, the power requirements of the system have increased steadily. Larger displays, DVD-ROM drives, and more powerful graphics cards all need more power to run, and the result is that the cost of operating a PC has risen steadily. To address […]

Keyboard Technology The technology that makes up a typical PC keyboard is very interesting. This section focuses on all the aspects of keyboard technology and design, including the keyswitches, the interface between the keyboard and the system, the scan codes, and the keyboard connectors. Keyswitch Design Today’s keyboards use any one of several switch types […]

Universal Serial Bus Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an external peripheral bus standard designed to bring Plug and Play capability for attaching peripherals externally to the PC. USB eliminates the need for special-purpose ports, reduces the need to use special-purpose I/O cards (thus reducing the need to reconfigure the system with each new device added), […]

Adapter and Display Troubleshooting Solving most graphics adapter and monitor problems is fairly simple, although costly, because replacing the adapter or display is the normal procedure. However, before you take this step, be sure you have exhausted all your other options. One embarrassingly obvious fix to monitor display problems that is often overlooked by many […]

Video Display Adapters A video adapter provides the interface between your computer and your monitor and transmits the signals that appear as images on the display. Throughout the history of the PC, there have been a succession of standards for video display characteristics that represent a steady increase in screen resolution and color depth. The […]

Hard Disk Installation Procedures This section describes the hard disk drive installation process, particularly the configuration, physical installation, and formatting of a hard disk drive. To install a hard drive in a PC, you must perform some or all of the following procedures: Configure the drive. Configure the host adapter (if used). Physically install the […]

Troubleshooting Optical Drives Failure Reading a CD/DVD If your drive fails to read a CD or DVD, try the following solutions: Check for scratches on the disc data surface. Check the drive for dust and dirt; use a cleaning disc. Make sure the drive shows up as a working device in System Properties. Try a […]

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