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ERP  & Data Warehousing in Organizations: Issues and Challenges
ERP & Data Warehousing in Organizations: Issues and Challenges
by Gerald Grant (ed)  ISBN:1931777497
Idea Group Publishing © 2003 (262 pages)

Offering ERP deployment strategies for information as diverse as patient records, police and community relations, and geospatial services, this text addresses the complex issues that IT and communication technologies pose for organizations of all sizes.

Table of Contents
ERP & Data Warehousing in Organizations—Issues and Challenges
Part I – ERP Systems and Enterprise Integration
Chapter 1 ERP Systems Impact on Organizations
Chapter 2 Challenging the Unpredictable: Changeable Order Management Systems
Chapter 3 ERP System Acquisition: A Process Model and Results From an Austrian Survey
Chapter 4 The Second Wave ERP Market: An Australian Viewpoint
Chapter 5 Enterprise Application Integration: New Solutions for a Solved Problem or a Challenging Research Field?
Chapter 6 The Effects of an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) Implementation on Job Characteristics – A Study using the Hackman and Oldham Job Characteristics Model
Chapter 7 Context Management of ERP Processes in Virtual Communities
Part II – Data Warehousing and Data Utilization
Chapter 8 Distributed Data Warehouse for Geo-spatial Services
Chapter 9 Data Mining for Business Process Reengineering
Chapter 10 Intrinsic and Contextual Data Quality: The Effect of Media and Personal Involvement
Chapter 11 Healthcare Information: From Administrative to Practice Databases
Chapter 12 A Hybrid Clustering Technique to Improve Patient Data Quality
Chapter 13 Relevance and Micro-Relevance for the Professional as Determinants of IT-Diffusion and IT-Use in Healthcare
Chapter 14 Development of Interactive Web Sites to Enhance Police/Community Relations
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