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•  Table of Contents
Web Services: A Manager’s Guide
By Anne Thomas Manes
Publisher : Addison Wesley
Pub Date : June 11, 2003
ISBN : 0-321-18577-3
Pages : 352
Slots : 1    
    Praise for Web Services
    Addison-Wesley Information Technology Series
    Foreword: Understanding the Power (and Limitations) of Web Services
      Book Outline
    Chapter 1.  The Application Integration Crisis
      Hershey’s Integration Nightmare
      Integration Helps Your Business
      All Applications Require Integration
      Calculating Return on Investment
      Application Integration Is Hard
      Approaches to Application Integration
      Building Integration Hooks
      Exposing Interfaces Across the Network
      Traditional Middleware Blues
      Extending Integration to Work Across the Internet
      Using Web Services for Integration
      Web Services Have Tactical and Strategic Value
    Chapter 2.  Web Services Basics
      What Is a Web Service?
      Why Web Services?
      Defining “Web” and “Service”
      Web Evolution
      Defining Characteristics of Web Services
      Understanding the Scope of Web Services
      Web Services Business Models
      Executive Summary
    Chapter 3.  Web Services Technologies
      The Web
      WSDL, UDDI, and SOAP
      Other Web Service Technologies
      Executive Summary
    Chapter 4.  Standardizing Web Services Technologies
      The History of SOAP
      The History of WSDL
      The History of UDDI
      Programming Standards for Web Services
      Executive Summary: Status Check
    Chapter 5.  Advanced Web Services Standards
      Web Services Security Standardization Efforts
      Web Services Management Standardization Efforts
      Transactions, Orchestration, and Choreography
      Portlets and Interactive Applications
      Other Advanced Efforts
    Chapter 6.  The Promise of Web Services
      Web Services Hype
      Dynamic Binding
      What Makes Web Services Special
      Truth in Hype
    Chapter 7.  When to Use Web Services
      Bell Ringers
      Other Web Services Applications
      When Not to Use Web Services
      Executive Summary
    Chapter 8.  Web Services Infrastructure
      Core Products
      Associated Products
    Chapter 9.  Evaluation Guidelines
      Characterizing Your Project
      Making the Initial Cut
      Evaluating Your Requirements
      UDDI Registries
      Executive Summary
    Appendix A.  Web Services Product List
      .NET Platform
      COM Platform
      Portable C and C++ Platforms
      Java Platforms
      Other Languages and Platforms
      UDDI Registry Servers
    Appendix B.  Requirements Questionnaire
      Operating Platform Attributes
      Client Platform Attributes
      Licensing Requirements
      Performance and Scalability Requirements
      Extensibility Features
      Security Requirements
      Developer Preferences
      UDDI Requirements
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