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Professional Microsoft Smartphone Programming
Professional Microsoft Smartphone Programming
byBaijian Yang, Pei ZhengandLionel M. Ni
Wrox Press 2007 (518 pages)

Complete with code and examples, the book walks you through the Microsoft Smartphone platform, and helps you gain the skills to develop your own Smartphone applications that utilize the latest cutting-edge technology.

Table of Contents
Professional Microsoft Smartphone Programming
Part I – Smartphone and .NET
Chapter 1 Introduction to Microsoft Smartphone
Chapter 2 .NET Compact Framework Fundamentals
Part II – Smartphone Application Development
Chapter 3 Developing Your First Smartphone Application
Chapter 4 User Interface and Input
Chapter 5 Data Storage and File I/O
Chapter 6 Data Access with SQL Server Mobile
Chapter 7 Networking
Chapter 8 E-mail, SMS, and PIM Data
Chapter 9 XML and Web Services
Chapter 10 Platform Invoke
Chapter 11 Exception Handling and Debugging
Part III – Advanced Topics
Chapter 12 Device and Application Security
Chapter 13 Data and Communication Security
Chapter 14 Globalization and Localization
Chapter 15 Graphics
Chapter 16 Performance
Appendix A New Features in .NET Compact Framework 2.0
Appendix B A Glance at the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Class Library
Appendix C The Smartphone Bootstrapping Process
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