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Table 3. Standard prefixes

Table 3. Standard prefixes.
Prefix1 Abbreviation Magnitude
exa- E 1018
peta- P 1015
tera- T 1012
giga- G 109
mega- M 106
kilo- k 103
hecto- h 102
deca- da 101
deci- d 10-1
centi- c 10-2
milli- m 10-3
micro- μ 10-6
nano- n, mμ 10-9
pico- p, μμ 10-12
femto- f 10-15
atto- a 10-18
1 These prefixes are applied to SI and other units. For example, a micrometer (μm) is 10-6 meter (also called a micron); a picoliter (pL) is 10-12 liter, and a kilogram (kg) is 103 grams. Also applied to seconds, units, moles, hertz, volts, farads, ohms, curies, equivalents, osmoles, etc.


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