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Some Standard Respiratory Symbols (See Handbook of Physiology, Section 3: The Respiratory System. American Physiological Society, 1986.)
General Variables
V Gas volume
V Dot over Gas volume/unit of time. (Dot over a symbol indicates rate.)
P Gas pressure
P Bar over Mean gas pressure
f Respiratory frequency (breaths/unit of time)
D Diffusing capacity
F Fractional concentration in dry gas phase
R Respiratory exchange ratio = VCO2/VO2
Q Volume of blood
Localization (Subscript letters)
I Inspired gas
E Expired gas
A Alveolar gas
T Tidal gas
D Dead space gas
B Barometric
a Arterial blood
c Capillary blood
v Venous blood
Molecular Species
Indicated by chemical formula printed as subscript
PIO2 = Pressure of oxygen in inspired air
VD = Dead space gas volume

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