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Creating a book that covers a topic such as Microsoft Windows Server 2008 takes a team of dedicated professionals; information technology experts, highly skilled editors, proofreaders, and desktop publishers. First of all, I would certainly like to thank all the folks at Sams Publishing who were involved in the creation of this book. I would also like to specifically thank some of the folks who have made this book a reality.

First of all, I would like to thank the very hard-working Neil Rowe, my acquisitions editor, who assembled the team that worked on this project. Neil showed great enthusiasm for the project and has made my continued association with Sams a pleasant and productive one. I would also like to thank acquisitions editor Brook Farling who picked up this book in midstream and was very patient and helpful during the writing of the first draft of the manuscript.

A big thanks goes out to Mark Renfrow, the development editor, who worked extremely hard to make sure this was the best book possible. I would also like to thank Margo Catts, our copy editor, for cleaning up the text; Jeff Guillet, our technical editor; and finally, a big thanks to the project editor, San Dee Phillips, who ran the last leg of the race and made sure this book got into print (and into your local bookstore). Thank you all very much!

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