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Praise for Web Services

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Praise for Web Services

“‘Application integration is hard,’ says Anne, and she sure is right. Unfortunately, the nature of the beast is to expect and demand easy answers to hard problems, and the management, technology and deployment problems are legion in application interoperability. Nevertheless, we have no choice if we want to create a more streamlined, efficient enterprise, and lower the cost of interacting with our suppliers and customers. Anne Thomas Manes gives the most cogent and clear explanation to date of how the Web Services revolution can help an enterprise reach those goals. Together with an architecture decision process and an IT organization that understands the business and architecting solutions, this book goes a long way toward helping us integrate business processes with IT.”

—Richard Soley, Chairman and CEO Object Management Group

“Ann Manes has done an admirable job of stripping away the hype and confusion surrounding Web services and describing the essential concepts in language that managers can use. If only we who are working on the Web services specifications could write so clearly!”

—Michael Champion, Advisory R&D Specialist Software AG

“The reasons for using Web services are not always clear, creating a lot of uncertainty around their adoption in IT. Most Web services books focuses on the technology, and don’t provide enough overall context to help decision makers. Anne Thomas Manes’ book does, clearly identifying the applications of Web services, separating current reality from future promises, and comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the various vendor products.”

—Eric Newcomer, CTO, IONA Technologies Author of Understanding Web Services

“This is the one book I would recommend for professionals looking for the inside story on Web services. Indeed, this book cuts through the hype, getting to the meat of the technology, highlighting what value this technology brings to your enterprise.”

—Dave Linthicum, CTO Mercator Software

“The Web services paradigm suffers badly from the two great technology ills: marketing hyperbole and engineering technobabble. Making sound business decisions about application development can be nearly impossible. Luckily, Web Services: A Manager’s Guide cuts through the hyperbole and rises above the technobabble. Any IT manager even thinking about Web services should read it cover to cover.”

—Kevin Dick, Founder of Kevin Dick Associates Author of XML: A Manager’s Guide

“Anne’s book cuts through the hype surrounding Web Services to explain in a cogent, rational, and well-written manner what these technologies are all about and how they can be used to solve real business problems.”

—Daniel Appelquist, Senior Architect, Vodafone Author of XML and SQL: Developing Web Applications

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