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sufficient levels, including B-1 as with the heart, to maintain brain function, yet variables and individual genetic signatures can change the required needs.

Whether it is heart or brain function as the center of discussion, both function as a result of a complex series of biochemical reactions, yielding nerve impulses and chemical reactions that maintain function. Notable in both circumstances is that the difference between the adequate and optimal functions of each can make the difference between surviving and thriving. The presentation of the clinical and germane medical research relative to supporting brain function targets the augmentation of function, with the goal of shifting away from surviving and becoming closer to thriving within the confines of human understanding of the miraculous creation of the central processor, the brain, which governs the human body’s entire operating system.

Indeed the concepts of mind, mental and psychological attributes are all dependent upon a very real and physical component of the body, that being the human brain. Often, the terms “mental” or “psychological” are attributed to the mind portion of the mind-body connection.

Throughout this work, it is our hope that the reader does not look at the mind as separate from the body. Realize that the physical presence of a properly functioning brain is the requisite for mental health, accepted psychological presentation, and healthy functioning of the central nervous system. We have thus intentionally included such conditions as Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis in the list of health conditions addressed. Though Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis reflect a well-delineated spectrum of organic brain-altered function, they are in many ways no more organic than the patient with depression.

This book offers a select view of natural medicine interventions, focusing on nutritional and botanical treatments, referred to within the confines of these covers as “Nutra-botanical” therapies, evidenced by clinical practice and research findings. The individual sections of this work are intended as springboards for further investigation by the reader. Often, the human dilemma arises from accepting limits when perceptions of confining factors seem to have been reached even though a new perspective may be just a glimpse away over the walls of our personal reality’s boundaries.

It is not the intent of this book to advocate for the replacement of standard drug therapy.

However, individuals suffering from a health condition affecting brain performance should not limit their options to drug therapy when other biochemical interventions could perpetuate heightened function and the ever-important quality-of-life issue. A concerted effort for the integration of natural medicine approaches alongside standard drug therapy should be pursued in every patient-doctor relationship. The sharing of all therapeutic interventions being pursued with all clinical providers is of paramount importance in order to avoid unnecessary potential drug–natural medicine interactions. Tell your medical doctor if you are on any medication and use—or plan to use—natural treatments.

By supporting health through the use of optimal nutrition, people are placed in a decision-making role regarding their health. Previously, health was attrib-

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