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more and more clinical trials are performed leading to scientific validation, current CAM therapies become embraced as mainstream treatment options. The intent of this series is to review healthcare therapies. The criteria for review are that the particular therapy has a foundation of clinical success, partial or full research validation, and/or rich historical use. The reviews of different therapies will provide critical insight into additional adjunctive therapies that might be incorporated in patient care. They will also provide a heighten appreciation of CAM as well as enhance the ability to converse about CAM therapies in an ever-evolving medical model.

Reflection on the present humbles all disciplines; for as we judge our predecessors, so shall we be judged by future generations for both current brilliance and shortcomings. Medicine is a part of an evolving reality. It is up to each provider to enrich history in the making.

Chris D. Meletis

Margot Longenecker

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