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Series Foreword

The world of medicine has evolved with the changing needs and demands of the patient, the third-party payer, and a growing appreciation of the intimate relationship shared between the healthcare provider and patient. The evolution of medicine is not limited to these facets alone. An active reflection of the origins and heritage of medicine leads to a redefinition of medical care. Whether all forms of medicine must be compared to “Western-allopathic” medicine is now being overtly challenged by many patients and some conventional healthcare providers.

Many forms of medicine claim the Hippocratic model as their founding paradigm. However, the question could be raised as to whether Hippocrates would be accepted in the second millennium A.D. by his modern peers. Indeed, would his empirical approach to medicine stand up fully to the current medical model of scientific burden of proof?

Statistics show us that over 70 percent of the world’s population uses something other than the Western-allopathic form of medicine as a primary source of medical care. This is not to dismiss the need for modern medicine, but rather to serve as a pivot for reflection of other forms of medicine that have sustained generations prior to our current era. In fact, some 25–33 percent of frequently used conventional prescription medicines originate from natural substances.

It is this new appreciation and objective perspective that has fostered the popularity of what is commonly called Complementary and Alternative Medicine or CAM. It is worthwhile to note that in order to have a complementary and alternative form of care, a single model must proclaim itself the primary form of care.

The goal of this series is to offer valuable insights into medical therapies currently categorized in the realm of CAM by Western-allopathic medicine. As

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