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P node type (NetBIOS)
Pages/Sec counters
paging files
     configuration settings of
     optimizing settings
     viewing settings of
PAP (Password Authentication Protocol)
parent domains
     cluster size
     designating free space available in
     selecting file system for
     Account Is Disabled check box (Active Directory)
     Directory Service Restore Mode Administrator passwords, AD DS configuration 2nd
     member servers, adding to domains
     Password Never Expires check box (Active Directory)
     User Cannot Change Password check box (Active Directory)
     User Must Change Password at Next Logon check box (Active Directory)
     Windows XP clients, adding to domains
pausing print jobs
peer-to-peer networks, resource sharing
pending digital certificate requests
per seat licensing mode
per server licensing mode
Perform automatic testing at the following Interval check box (DNS snap-in, Monitoring tab)
     feature concerns
     server role concerns
     shared printers
     test servers
     WINS 2nd
performance counters
Performance Monitor
     Add Counters dialog box
         deleting from graphs
         disk counters
         memory counters
         performance counters
         viewing in graphs
     Create New Data Collector Set Wizard 2nd
    data collector sets
         adding event traces to
         Basic templates
         saving templates
         stop conditions
         System Diagnostics templates
         viewing reports
     Histogram view
     remote performance monitoring
     Report view
     local resources
         Administrator control of
         effective permissions 2nd
         file permissions
         folder permissions
         group creation
         inheritance 2nd
         mixing with share permissions
         ownership of
     security groups
    share permissions
         domain group assignments
         Full Control
         managing via Computer folder
         mixing with NTFS permissions
         No Access
         Read Only
     universal groups
     virtual directory permissions, editing
Permissions dialog box
     Advanced Security Settings dialog box
     Share and Storage Management snap-in 2nd
personal certificates (digital)
Physical layer (OSI model)
Physical Path Credentials Logon Type option (Web Site Defaults dialog box)
Physical Path Credentials option (Web Site Defaults dialog box)
Physical Path dialog box (Add Web Site dialog box)
ping command
     DHCP, troubleshooting
     IP routing, monitoring
plug-and-play printer installation
policies [See Audit policies; Group Policies.]
Policy Module tab (CA Properties dialog box box)
Port dialog box (Add Web Site dialog box)
     IP, direct-connect printer installation
     modem ports, RRAS configurations
     rules (Windows Firewall)
     VPN ports
PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol)
prestage client computer accounts, Active Directory
predefined groups
predefined rules (Windows Firewall)
Preferences dialog box (Printers window)
preferred DNS servers
Presentation layer (OSI model)
primary zones (forward lookup zones)
Print a Test Page option (Add Printer Wizard)
print jobs
Print Management snap-in 2nd
     Add/Remove Servers dialog box
     All Drivers filter
     All Printers filter
     Details pane
     Job pane
     Network Printer Installation Wizard
     New Printer Filter Wizard
     print servers, adding to
     Printers Not Ready filter
     Printers with Jobs filter
     Properties dialog box
Print Operators groups 2nd
Print printer prermissions
print servers 2nd
     network printers, adding to
     Print Management snap-in, adding to
Print Services installation 2nd
Print Services role (Server Manager)
PRINT$ (administrative share)
     Active Directory, adding to
     auditing access
     direct-connect printers
     filters, viewing through
     local printers
     networking 2nd
     plug-and-play installation
     print job management
         canceling jobs
         pausing jobs
         viewing jobs
     print servers 2nd
         adding network printers to
         adding to Print Management snap-in
     Print Services installation
     remote printers
     settings, viewing
     shared printers 2nd
Printers Not Ready filter (Print Management snap-in)
Printers window (Control panel)
     installed printers, viewing
     Preferences dialog box
     printer settings, viewing
Printers with Jobs filter (Print Management snap-in)
private IP addresses, NAT
Private profile (Windows Firewall with Advanced Security)
Processor Queue Length counters
%Processor Time counters
processors, Windows Server 2008
Profile tab (Users and Computers snap-in, Properties dialog box)
program rules (Windows Firewall)
Programs and Services tab (Windows Firewall Properties dialog box)
Programs tab (Remote Desktop Connection client, Terminal Services connections
Programs window (Control Panel) 2nd
Progress screen (Add Feature Wizard)
Properties dialog box
    Active Directory
         Delegation tab
         Dial-In tab
         General tab
         Location tab
         Managed By tab
         Member Of tab
         Operating System tab
     Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in, Replicate Every spin box
    Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in
         Account tab
         COM+ tab 2nd
         creating OU
         Dial-In tab
         Environment tab
         General tab 2nd
         Managed By tab
         Member Of tab
         Members tab
         Organization tab
         Profile tab
         Sessions tab
         Telephones tab
         Terminal Services Profile tab
     Device Manager
     FTP Publishing Service
     Groups folder
     Print Management snap-in
     Share This Printer check box
     Terminal Services
     Tools tab
         Backup utility
         Check Disk dialog box
         Disk Check Complete dialog box
         Disk Defragmenter utility
         error-checking utility
         Advanced tab
         Boot tab
         Client tab
         DHCP tab
         Directory Services tab
         General tab
         Network Settings tab
         PXE Response Settings tab
     Windows Firewall
     Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
    WINS snap-in
         Advanced tab
         Database Verification tab
         Default Backup Path dialog box
         General tab
         Intervals tab
         Log Detailed Events to Windows Event Log option
protocol stacks
        IPv4 [See individual entry.]
        IPv6 [See individual entry.]
         netstat command
         OSI model mappings
Protocols and Ports tab (Windows Firewall Properties dialog box)
Provision a Shared Folder Wizard
PTR (Pointer) resource records, DNS
public folders
public key infrastructure
Public profile (Windows Firewall with Advanced Security)
PXE Response Settings tab, WDS Properties dialog box

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