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Ovid: Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care

Editors: Watson, Max S.; Lucas, Caroline F.; Hoy, Andrew M.; Back, Ian N. Title: Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care, 1st Edition Copyright ©2005 Oxford University Press > Table of Contents > Symptom Management > Chapter 6a – The management of pain > Step 4: Adjuvant drug (co-analgesic) Step 4: Adjuvant drug (co-analgesic) This is a drug which is not an analgesic in its prime function but in combination with an analgesic can enhance pain control.

Examples of use of adjuvant drugs
Corticosteroid: pain caused by oedema Night sedative: when lack of sleep is decreasing pain threshold
Antidepressant: neuropathic pain
Anticonvulsant: neuropathic pain
Muscle relaxant: muscle cramp pain Anxiolytic: when anxiety is contributing to pain
Antispasmodic: bowel colic Antidepressant: when depressed mood is contributing to pain
NSAID: inflammatory pain
Antibiotic: infection pain

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