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Ovid: Oxford Handbook of Dialysis

Editors: Levy, Jeremy; Morgan, Julie; Brown, Edwina Title: Oxford Handbook of Dialysis, 2nd Edition Copyright ©2004 Oxford University Press > Table of Contents > Part 8 – Complications of ESRD: anaemia > High ferritin and low transferrin saturation index High ferritin and low transferrin saturation index Some patients have a high serum ferritin (often <1000 ng/ml) but low transferrin saturation index. Further iron can cause iron overload. These patients may benefit from intravenous ascorbic acid (300 mg three times per week) to increase Hb and reduce EPO requirements. They may also, however, be iron deficient, and respond to further iron. CRP is an important indicator that suggests a high ferritin is an inflammatory response.

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