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Ovid: Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine

Editors: Longmore, Murray; Wilkinson, Ian B; Turmezei, Tom; Cheung, Chee Kay Title: Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, 7th Edition Copyright ©2007 Oxford University Press > Back of Book > Enlarged Radiology Images Enlarged Radiology Images

Middle lobe consolidation and a right pleural effusion. (see black and white image)
There is cardiomegaly and loss of the right costophrenic angle from a pleural effusion: consistent with heart failure. (see black and white image)


Diffuse reticular shadowing secondary to interstitial lung disease. The diagnosis was fibrosing alveolitis (UIP). (see black and white image)
Collapse of the left lower lobe—the triangular opacity behind the heart. Also, the left main bronchus has been pulled down. (see black and white image)


The gas pattern seen in small bowel obstruction. (see black and white image)
Normal large bowel gas pattern. (see black and white image)


AXR showing calcified mesenteric lymph nodes. Also note; psoas lines (arrows); spinous process (green); transverse process (blue); pedicles (orange): facet joint processes (outline in red); vertebral body (cyan). (see black and white image)
A CAPD catheter (for continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis). (see black and white image)


IVU: bilateral duplex ureters. The superior ureter moiety (arrowed) is ectopic and enters the bladder, urethra or vagina more inferiorly than the normally placed inferior ureter moiety. The superior ureter may be associated with a ureterocele and is more likely to obstruct. The inferior ureter may be associated with reflux nephropathy and scarring. (see black and white image)
Normal MRCP of the biliary system showing: left hepatic duct (yellow arrow); multiple gallstones in the gallbladder (black arrow); common bile duct (white arrow); pancreatic duct (red arrow); duodenum (green arrow). (see black and white image)


The ERCP shows dilated intra- and extrahepatic ducts. The multiple fill-ing defects relate to calculi within and obstructing the ducts. Note cholecystectomy clips. (see black and white image)
Part of the descending colon with mucosal thickening and loss of normal haustral pattern; seen in colitis. (see black and white image)

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