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Ovid: Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine

Editors: Longmore, Murray; Wilkinson, Ian B; Turmezei, Tom; Cheung, Chee Kay Title: Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, 7th Edition Copyright ©2007 Oxford University Press > Front of Book > Conflicts of interest Conflicts of interest This volume has been critically appraised by two doctors (JML & JABC) who have no contact with commercial interests such as pharmaceutical companies. In order to reassure readers, and in the light of recent studies which have shown that writers of guidelines often have overt and covert connections with drug companies,image3 we wish to place on record that there has been no covert pressure to exclude or include certain drugs in this text, they have adhered to a policy of not seeing representatives from any such commercial company, and neither are they in receipt of any gifts, grants, or hospitality from such companies. Drugs (and how to keep abreast of changes) While every effort has been made to check this text, it is still possible that errors have been missed. Also, dosage schedules are continually being revised and new side-effects recognized. Oxford University Press makes no representation, expressed or implied, that drug dosages in this book are correct. For these reasons, the reader is strongly urged to consult the most recently published British National Formulary, and the pharmaceutical company’s data sheet (summaries of product characteristics/SPC; www.Medicines.org.uk) before administering any of the drugs recommended in this book. Unless stated otherwise, drug doses and recommendations are for the non-pregnant adult who is not breast-feeding. Corrections are posted on the web at www.oup.com/OHCM. See also the What’s new section of www.bnf.org. Readers are also reminded of the need to keep up to date, and that this need can only ever be partly addressed by printed texts such as this.

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