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Ovid: Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine

Editors: Longmore, Murray; Wilkinson, Ian B; Turmezei, Tom; Cheung, Chee Kay Title: Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, 7th Edition Copyright ©2007 Oxford University Press > Front of Book > Acknowledgements Acknowledgements We would like to record our heartfelt thanks to our advisers on specific sections— each is acknowledged on chapter’s first page. For checking the text we thank, and admire the fortitude of, Judith Collier, David Knight, Ahmad Mafi and Thomas Jaconelli. We particularly thank our drug reader, Dr Steve Emmett, for his painstaking work checking drug dosages. IBW would like to acknowledge his clinical mentors Jim Holt and John Cockcroft. We also thank Dr P Scally and Dr J Harper for providing x-ray plates, as well as for many thoughtful comments on the whole text. For further help we thank Dr J Burke, Dr Omid Zarghom, and Professor J McCormack. The British Lending Library and staff at the Cairns Library, Oxford, and at Worthing Postgraduate Library have been most helpful in tracing references. We would like to thank the staff of OUP for their help and support. It is a particular pleasure to document here the enormous contribution made to this and many other Oxford Handbooks by Alison Langton, whose steadfast support since OHCM’s conception in 1981 has been a model of fair and creative publishing. Readers’ comments These have formed a vital part of our endeavour to provide an accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date text. We sincerely thank the many student, doctors and other health professionals who have found the time and the generosity to write to us on our Reader’s Comments Cards (enclosed) or via the web. These have now become so numerous that they cannot all be listed here. 3rd-party web addresses We disclaim any responsibility for 3rd-party content.

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