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Ovid: Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine

Editors: Ramrakha, Punit S.; Moore, Kevin P. Title: Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine, 2nd Edition Copyright ©1997,2004 Oxford University Press (Copyright 1997, 2004 by Punit S Ramrakha and Kevin P Moore) > Back of Book > Resources > Appendices > Color Plates Color Plates

Plate 1: Erythema nodosum. The lesions can be very faint, but are indurated and painful on palpation.
Plate 2: Blisters of bullous pemphigoid. Large, tense, raised lesions are seen on an erythematous eczematized base.
Plate 3: Erythema multiforme on the leg, note the presence of target lesions.
Plate 4: Morbilliform eruption caused by administration of ampicillin to a patient with infectious mononucleosis.
Plate 5: Acute papilloedema.
Plate 6: The typical appearance of cytomegalovirus retinitis in a patient with AIDS, characterized by retinal necrosis with an irregular granular border, patchy retinal haemorrhage, and retinal inflammatory sheathing of the retinal vessels.
Plate 7: Hard exudates and cotton-wool spots in the right eye.
Plate 8: Central retinal vein occlusion with associated closure of the arterial circulation above the macula.

Footnote The dermatology plates are taken from: Rona M MacKie (2003) Clinical dermatology, fifth edition. Oxford University Press, Oxford (with permission) The ophthalmology plates are taken from: David L Easty and John M Sparrow (eds) (1999) Oxford Textbook of Ophthalmology. Oxford University Press, Oxford (with permission).

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