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Ovid: Oxford Handbook of Accident and Emergency Medicine

Editors: Wyatt, Jonathan P.; Illingworth, Robin N.; Clancy, Michael J.; Munro, Philip T.; Robertson, Colin E. Title: Oxford Handbook of Accident and Emergency Medicine, 2nd Edition Copyright ©2005 Oxford University Press > Front of Book > Acknowledgements Acknowledgements A number of people provided comments, help and moral support. Special thanks are due to Dr Paul Leonard. We also wish to thank: Mr David Alao, Dr Matt Baker, Dr Joan Barber, Dr Ian Beggs, Mr Dewald Behrens, Dr Ash Bhatia, Dr Angela Bonnar, Dr Ray Brettle, Dr Rachel Broadley, Dr Chris Brown, Mrs Debra Clayton, Dr James Falconer, Mrs Jennifer Flemen, Dr Debbie Galbraith, Dr Catherine Guly, Mr Andrew Harrower, Mrs Eileen Hutchison, Dr Karen Illingworth, Mr Ian Kelly, Mr Malcolm Lewis, Dr Christopher Ludlam, Mr AF Mabrook, Dr Simon Mardel, Mr Andrew Marsden, Ms Carolyn Meikle, Dr Robin Mitchell, Dr Louisa Pieterse, Miss Katharine Robinson, Ms Jeannie Ross, Ms Karen Sim, Mr Tom Scott, Dr Simon Scott-Hayward, Dr Timothy Squires, Dr Rob Taylor, Dr Mike Wells, Mr Ken Woodburn and Mrs Polly Wyatt.

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