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Ovid: Fifty Neurologic Cases from Mayo Clinic

Editors: Noseworthy, John H. Title: Fifty Neurologic Cases from Mayo Clinic, 1st Edition Copyright ©2004 Oxford Unversity Press (Copyright 2004 by Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research) > Front of Book > Preface and Acknowledgments Preface and Acknowledgments The desire to publish Fifty Neurologic Cases From Mayo Clinic arose from the splendid example provided by Doctors Adrian J. Wills and C. David Marsden in their book, Fifty Neurological Cases from the National Hospital. Their collection of informative cases from Queen Square is a fitting tribute to a timeless institution. At Mayo Clinic, we, too, are proud of our rich tradition of neurologic excellence spanning nearly a century, beginning in 1913 when Doctor Walter D. “Pops” Sheldon joined the staff. He was soon joined by Doctors Henry W. Woltman and Frederick P. Moersch and, thereafter, by many other distinguished neurologists. Neurologists enjoy evaluating patients who have difficult diagnostic problems. In the years since moving from the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada, to Mayo Clinic, I have been challenged daily by complex cases from near and far. I have been privileged to experience the camaraderie of wonderful colleagues in neurology and neurosurgery. Their tireless commitment to their patients and their example are beyond comparison. I am grateful to them for contributing their cases and their scholarly commentaries to this little book. I would also like to thank the fine editorial staff of the Section of Scientific Publications of Mayo Clinic and my able secretary Melissa L. Fenske for their assistance. I hope that the readers will be challenged by these cases and learn from the master clinicians in our department at Mayo. John H. Noseworthy MD, FRCPC Rochester, Minnesota, December 2003

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