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MD Consult: Books: Goldman: Cecil Medicine: SUGGESTED READINGS

Goldman: Cecil Medicine, 23rd ed.

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Adler RS, Finzel KC: The complementary roles of MR imaging and ultrasound of tendons.  Radiol Clin North Am  2005; 43:771-807.Provides indications and features of ultrasound and MRI for tendon evaluation

American College of Rheumatology Extremity Magnetic Resonance Imaging Task Force: Extremity magnetic resonance imaging in rheumatoid arthritis: Report of the American College of Rheumatology Extremity Magnetic Resonance Imaging Task Force.  Arthritis Rheum  2006; 54:1034-1047.A comprehensive review

Cooper G, Lutz GE, Adler RS: Ultrasound-guided aspiration of symptomatic rotator cuff calcific tendonitis.  Am J Phys Med Rehabil  2005; 84:81.Describes technique for aspiration of calcific tendonitis using ultrasound

Gupta KB, Duryea J, Weissman BN: Radiographic evaluation of osteoarthritis.  Radiol Clin North Am  2004; 42:11-42.Comprehensive review

Ostergaard M, Ejbjerg B: Magnetic resonance imaging of the synovium in rheumatoid arthritis.  Semin Musculoskel Radiol  2004; 8:287-299.Provides current knowledge on MRI for assessment of the synovium in RA

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