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Goldman: Cecil Medicine, 23rd ed.

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Duley L, Henderson-Smart DJ, Meher S: Drugs for the treatment of very high blood pressure during pregnancy.  Cochrane Database Syst Rev  2006;3.CD001449. Patients given calcium channel blockers rather than hydralazine were less likely to have persistent high blood pressure

Kaaja RJ, Greer IA: Manifestations of chronic disease during pregnancy.  JAMA  2005; 294:2751-2757.Given the physiologic changes that occur during pregnancy, it is an important screening opportunity for cardiovascular and metabolic disease risk factors

Langer O, Yogev Y, Xenakis EMJ, Rosenn B: Insulin and glyburide therapy: Dosage, severity level of gestational diabetes, and pregnancy outcome.  Am J Obstet Gynecol  2005; 192:134-139.Outcomes are related to glucose control

NAEPP Expert Panel Report. Managing asthma during pregnancy: Recommendations for pharmacologic treatment—2004 update.  J Allergy Clin Immunol  2005; 115:34-46.Stepwise therapy and evidence on the safety of medication use

Sibai B, Dekker G, Kupferminc M: Pre-eclampsia.  Lancet  2005; 365:785-799.Discusses the diagnosis, risk factors, pathogenesis, and management of pre-eclampsia

Van Mook WNKA, Peeters L: Severe cardiac disease in pregnancy, part II: Impact of congenital and acquired cardiac diseases during pregnancy.  Curr Opin Crit Care  2005; 11:435-448.Recent review of conditions and their management

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