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Goldman: Cecil Medicine, 23rd ed.

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Abubakar I, Aliyu SH, Arumugam C, et al: Prevention and treatment of cryptosporidiosis in immunocompromised patients.  Cochrane Database Syst Rev  2007;CD004932. Meta-analysis confirming that there is no evidence for an effective treatment of this disease in immunocompromised individuals

Dworkin MS, Williamson JMfor the Adult/Adolescent Spectrum of HIV Disease Project: AIDS wasting syndrome: Trends, influence on opportunistic infections, and survival.  J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr  2003; 33:267-273.The incidence is declining

Falco V, Rodriguez D, Ribera E, et al: Severe nucleoside-associated lactic acidosis in human immunodeficiency virus–infected patients.  Clin Infect Dis  2002; 34:838-846.A review of 60 reported cases showing that the most common manifestation is GI symptoms with weight loss, the most commonly implicated nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor is stavudine, and the mortality rate is directly related to the lactic acid level

Gan I, May G, Raboud J, et al: Pancreatitis in HIV infection: Predictors of severity.  Am J Gastroenterol  2003; 98:1278-1283.Outcomes are similar to those in non–HIV-infected patients

Koziel MJ, Peters MG, et al: Viral hepatitis in HIV infection.  N Engl J Med  2007; 356:1445-1554.Clinical review

Lewthwaite P, Gill GV, Hart CA, et al: Gastrointestinal parasites in the immunocompromised.  Curr Opin Infect Dis  2005; 18:427.425 Comprehensive clinical review

Pienaar ED, Young T, Homes H: Interventions for the prevention and management of oropharyngeal candidiasis associated with HIV infection in adults and children.  Cochrane Database Syst Rev  2006;CD003940. Meta-analysis of the efficacy of several antifungal medications in the treatment and prevention of oral thrush in the setting of HIV

Thom K, Forrest G.: Gastrointestinal infections in immunocompromised hosts.  Curr Opin Gastroenterol  2006; 22:18-23.Clinical review

Vazquez JA, Skiest DJ, Nieto L, et al: A multicenter randomized trial evaluating posaconazole versus fluconazole for the treatment of oropharyngeal candidiasis in subjects with HIV/AIDS.  Clin Infect Dis  2006; 42:1179-1186.Randomized trial showing equivalent efficacy of the two medications in initial treatment response but perhaps improved long-term outcomes in patients who received posaconazole

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