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MD Consult: Books: Goldman: Cecil Medicine: SUGGESTED READINGS

Goldman: Cecil Medicine, 23rd ed.

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Beyrer C.: HIV epidemiology update and transmission factors: Risks and risk contexts—16th International AIDS Conference epidemiology plenary.  Clin Infect Dis  2007; 44:981-987.An epidemiologic review

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): HIV prevalence, unrecognized infection, and HIV testing among men who have sex with men—five U.S. cities, April 2004–June 2005.  MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly  2005; 54(24):597-601.Provides disturbing data regarding the continuing epidemic of HIV among men who have sex with men, with evidence of a resurgence in unsafe sex practices and rising HIV incidence

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS—United States, 1981–2005.  MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep  2006; 55(21):589-592.Reviews the epidemiology and spread of HIV within the United States over a 25-year period, starting with the initial recognition of AIDS in men who have sex with men but escalating to be a leading cause of mortality in minority populations

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Racial/ethnic disparities in diagnoses of HIV/AIDS—33 states, 2001–2005.  MMWR  2007; 56:189-193.Fifty-one percent of new diagnoses of HIV in this period were in African Americans

Schwartlander B, Grubb I, Perriens J.: The 10-year struggle to provide antiretroviral treatment to people with HIV in the developing world.  Lancet  2006; 368:541-546.Provides insight into the global response to provide antiretroviral therapy to all HIV-infected people living in developing countries, illustrating the challenges, the successes, and the failures

UNAIDS: AIDS epidemic update: December 2005. UNAIDS/05.19E,  Geneva, World Health Organization, 2006. Provides the latest statistics and epidemiologic trends for the AIDS epidemic through December 2005

  UNAIDS: Report on the global AIDS epidemic. Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, 06.20E, May 2006. Provides an in-depth review of the global epidemic from 1981 through June 2006. It not only covers the statistics of the epidemics but also provides an excellent review of the impact of the epidemic on people and societies, as well as the global response.

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