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List of Tables

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List of Tables

Chapter 2: Challenging the Unpredictable: Changeable Order Management Systems

Table 1: Overview of relationship-types
Table 2: Overview decision elements
Table 3: Mapping of activation styles with a decision situation

Chapter 3: ERP System Acquisition: A Process Model and Results From an Austrian Survey

Table 1: Investigated hypotheses and verdict from the empirical analysis

Chapter 4: The Second Wave ERP Market: An Australian Viewpoint

Table 1: US market SAP penetration (Curran & Kellar, 1998)
Table 2: Customers by SAP industry type; Australasia and worldwide
Table 3: Australian customers, Nolan & Norton industry type (Nolan & Norton, 1999)
Table 4: Customers (N=146) by size (revenue) (Nolan & Norton, 1999)
Table 5: BRW analysis of SAP breakdown (BRW, 2000)
Table 6: Customer implementations by year (Nolan & Norton, 2000)
Table 7: Second wave implementations by year (Bennett, 2001)

Chapter 5: Enterprise Application Integration: New Solutions for a Solved Problem or a Challenging Research Field?

Table 1: Integration issues and their coverage in some research approaches

Chapter 10: Intrinsic and Contextual Data Quality: The Effect of Media and Personal Involvement

Table 1: Reliability estimates
Table 2: Hypothesis testing results

Chapter 11: Healthcare Information: From Administrative to Practice Databases

Table 1: Ranking of nursing diagnosis clusters

Chapter 14: Development of Interactive Web Sites to Enhance Police/Community Relations

Table 1: Locations and original purposes of studies conducted
Table 2: Overall qualitative assessment of demographic data, all three cities
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