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Chapter 2: Excel in a Nutshell

How Big Is a Worksheet?
What’s New in Excel 2007?
What’s New in the Visual Basic Editor?

Chapter 3: Formula Tricks and Techniques

Referencing Data in a Table
Hidden Names
The Secret to Understanding Cell and Range Names

Chapter 4: Understanding Excel’s Files

Workspace Files
Before You Edit the Registry …

Chapter 6: Essentials of Spreadsheet Application Development

Learning While You Develop
Menu and Toolbar Compatibility
Bugs? In Excel?
What about Beta Testing?
How Secure Are Excel’s Passwords?
Why Is There No Runtime Version of Excel?

Chapter 7: Introducing Visual Basic for Applications

Is VBA Becoming Obsolete?
An Analogy
What’s New in the VBE?
Pause for a Terminology Break
The Personal Macro Workbook
About the Code Examples
Specifying Arguments for Methods and Properties
Using the Help System
Working with Merged Cells

Chapter 8: VBA Programming Fundamentals

Entering VBA Code
Benchmarking Variant Data Types
A Note about the Examples in This Chapter
Another Way of Data-Typing Variables
Variable Naming Conventions
About Excel’s Date Bug
The MsgBox Function
VBA’s IIf Function
What Is Structured Programming?

Chapter 9: Working with VBA Sub Procedures

Naming Procedures
Why Call Other Procedures?
Using Public Variables versus Passing Arguments to a Procedure

Chapter 10: Creating Function Procedures

What Custom Worksheet Functions Can’t Do
Reinventing the Wheel
Controlling Function Recalculation
Use Arguments, Not Cell References

Chapter 11: VBA Programming Examples and Techniques

Using the Examples in This Chapter
Tips for Working with Ranges
Testing for Membership in a Collection
An Easier Way to Access the Registry

Chapter 12: Custom Dialog Box Alternatives

Executing an Old Menu Item Directly

Chapter 13: Introducing UserForms

Using Controls on a Worksheet
Testing a UserForm
About the Tag Property
Understanding the Controls Collection
Emulating Excel’s Dialog Boxes

Chapter 15: Advanced UserForm Techniques

Displaying Progress in the Status Bar

Chapter 16: Developing Excel Utilities with VBA

Installing an Add-In
Undoing a VBA Procedure

Chapter 17: Working with Pivot Tables

What’s New in Excel 2007 Pivot Tables?

Chapter 18: Working with Charts

Compatibility Note
Creating a Chart the Old Way
What’s Your Name?
Understanding a Chart’s SERIES Formula

Chapter 19: Understanding Excel’s Events

Events in Older Versions of Excel
Using the Object Browser to Locate Events

Chapter 20: Interacting with Other Applications

Displaying a Folder Window
GetObject versus CreateObject

Chapter 21: Creating and Using Add-Ins

About COM Add-Ins
A Few Words about Passwords
About Excel’s Add-In Manager
Creating an Add-In: A Checklist
Sleuthing a Protected Add-In

Chapter 22: Working with the Ribbon

The CommandBar Object in Excel 2007
About the Quick Access Toolbar
See Your Errors
Using imageMso Images

Chapter 23: Working with Shortcut Menus

Finding a Control
Finding FaceID Images

Chapter 24: Providing Help for Your Applications

Online Help?
About the Examples in This Chapter
Using Control Tips in a UserForm
Microsoft’s Help System Evolution
Displaying an Excel Help Topic

Chapter 25: Developing User-Oriented Applications

Creating the Loan Amortization Wizard
Application Development Checklist

Chapter 26: Compatibility Issues

The Office 2007 Compatibility Pack
Determining Excel’s Version Number

Chapter 27: Manipulating Files with VBA

Excel’s Text File Import and Export Features

Chapter 28: Manipulating Visual Basic Components

An Important Security Note

Chapter 30: Working with Colors

More about Decimal Color Values

Chapter 31: Frequently Asked Questions about Excel Programming

What If My Question Isn’t Answered Here?

Appendix A: Excel Resources Online

Tips for Posting to a Newsgroup

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