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Clearing and Saving Log Events

Over time, a number of events build up in the various log files. You can clear the events from a particular log and (if you want) save the log events to a file for later inspection or reference.

In the Event Viewer snap-in, right-click any of the log icons in the tree pane. Select Clear Log from the shortcut menu. A message box appears asking whether you want to save the particular log before clearing or just clear the log. If you want to save the log file, click Save and Clear. The Save As dialog box for the log appears and enables you to designate a filename and path in which to save the log file. Then click Save.

You can also save the events in a log without clearing the log contents. Right-click a log icon and then select Save Events As. The Save As dialog box appears. Provide a name and a path for the new log file, and then click Save. You can then load the saved event log file into the Event Viewer for later reference (right-click a log icon and select Open Log File).

Using the Event Viewer on a regular basis helps you keep your server and your network up and running. Becoming familiar with the different types of events that are logged helps you get a handle on potential server problems before they become a major meltdown.

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