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Using the Reliability Monitor

The Reliability Monitor is a new tool provided by Windows Server 2008. The Reliability Monitor is designed to enable you to monitor (over time) the relative stability (relative to the initial benchmark set when you start the Reliability Monitor for the first time) of your server.

The Reliability Monitor actually calculates a system stability index that is viewed as the System Stability Chart (see Figure 24.16). The x-axis of the chart is time and the stability indicators (providing the y-axis) are software installs (and uninstalls), application failures, hardware failures, Windows failures, and miscellaneous failures.

Figure 24.16. The Reliability Monitor tracks system stability over time.

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The System Stability Chart enables you to select actual event markers on the on the chart and then view the data related to that event in the System Stability Report area of the Reliability Monitor. Different types of markers on the chart provide different kinds of report information. For example, an information icon when selected (in a date column) shows what took place successfully on that date. For example, you might have installed a driver or other software successfully on the date.

The failure icons (the x in the red circle) show when a failure has taken place. For example, a particular application might have failed. Figure 24.17 shows an application failure. In the Application Failures report area, the information provided notes that Internet Explorer stopped working on that date.

Figure 24.17. Failures can be quickly selected in the chart and then details viewed in the Report area.

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The Reliability Monitor provides another avenue for quickly diagnosing problems with your server. The high end for the stability index is 10. When you see the chart dip below this number, you will find that an associated failure or failures has occurred on the server. Viewing the details of a failure enables you to remedy software installation issues, bad drivers, or even Windows installation issues.

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