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Viewing Performance Data

The default view for the System Monitor is Graph view. It provides real-time data, using a line graph plotted to an x-axis of time and a y-axis that relates to the particular counter that you are using (such as %use, where the chart would plot from 0 to 100%). Two other views are available: Histogram view and Report view.

Using the Histogram View

The Histogram bar view provides a bar-graph view of each counter that you add to the chart. To switch to Histogram view, click the Change Graph Type drop-down list on the toolbar and select Histogram Bar.

This view is useful for comparing different objects and their overall affect on computer performance. Figure 24.5 shows a histogram displaying the default System Monitor counters.

Figure 24.5. The histogram bar is useful for comparing overall performance effects.

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Using the Report View

Report view enables you to see the various counter statistics (in real time) as a text report that lists each counter. To switch to Report view, click the Change Graph Type drop-down list on the toolbar. The Chart and Histogram view give you a visual look at your performance counters, but Report view provides actual running statistics (see Figure 24.6).

Figure 24.6. Report view provides running statistics for the counters.

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