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Q. How does the Performance Monitor provide performance data?
A. You must set object counters in the Performance Monitor to view performance data. After a counter such as a processor or a memory counter has been added to the System Monitor, the data can be viewed as a graph, as a histogram, or in a report format.
Q. How can you collect counter data, trace events, and information related to Registry settings in the Reliability and Performance Monitor?
A. You can create data collector sets, which can include counter data, trace events, and Registry settings all in one convenient container. You can then view a report of the data collector set data in the Reliability and Performance Monitor snap-in.
Q. How does the Reliability Monitor provide your server’s relative stability?
A. The Reliability Monitor calculates a system stability index, which is shown on the System Stability Chart. This chart provides dates on the x-axis and you can access event markers for a particular date (that has affected the overall stability of the server) to view what event took place.
Q. What type of log events can be viewed in the Event Viewer?
A. The Event Viewer maintains a number of logs, including the Application log, a Security log, and a System log. These log files contain events related to system and application processes on the server. Additional logs might also be available on the server, depending on the services that you have installed on the server. Events found in the log files are identified by icons, including the Information icon, the Warning icon, and the Error icon.
Q. How can you quickly check the connection status of your server?
A. The Network and Sharing Center provided by Windows Server 2008 enables you to quickly view the status of your server’s private and public network connections. It also provides access to the server’s network sharing settings and enables you to quickly access the properties for network adapters installed on the server.
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