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Q. What changes have been made to the IIS 7.0 Management snap-in when compared to the previous IIS 6.0 snap-in?
A. The IIS 7.0 Management snap-in provides a more task-oriented interface for managing the IIS server and the specific websites found on the server. The Features view in the snap-in provides quick access to settings related to authentication, authorization rules, directory browsing, and a number of other settings.
Q. How do you set “global settings” that will affect all the websites hosted on an IIS server?
A. Select the server name in the IIS Manager node tree and make sure that the Features view is selected. You can double-click any of the feature icons such as Authentication, Compression, or Error Pages to configure the settings for that particular set of features.
Q. How do you add the FTP service to the IIS server?
A. Use the Add Role Services window to add additional components to your IIS server, such as the FTP service.
Q. How is FTP managed on your server running Windows Server 2008?
A. The FTP service is actually managed by the previous version of the IIS Manager, IIS 6.0 Manager. When you install the FTP service, the 6.0 Manager snap-in is added to the server. You can launch the IIS 6.0 Manager from the Start menu.


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