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Configuring IIS Defaults

You can configure the default settings for the IIS server. These settings affect all the sites on the server. This enables you to specify settings such as the physical path credentials, connection limits, and enabled protocols. After the defaults for sites are established, you can fine-tune these settings on each of your sites as needed.

To set the defaults for all your websites, select the Sites node in the Connections plane if the IIS Manager. In the Action pane click Set Web Site Defaults. This opens the Web Site Defaults dialog box (see Figure 23.8).

Figure 23.8. Web Site Defaults dialog box.

The Web Site Defaults dialog box enables you to quickly set some of the defaults for your IIS server, and these defaults will be applied to each of the sites on the server. The following are the default settings:

These advanced settings (which are discussed here as global settings for all sites on the IIS server) can also be set for each of the sites on the server. To access these same settings for a specific site, select the site in the Connections tree (expand the Sites node) and then click Advanced Settings in the Actions pane. Settings you make for a specific site override the settings that you made at the global level (the server level).

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