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Hour 23. Using the Internet Information Service

What You’ll Learn in This Hour:

Communication and marketing strategies for most of today’s businesses and institutions include the use of the World Wide Web. In many cases, businesses use the Web because they feel compelled to have a corporate presence on the Web.

This hour looks at the Internet Information Service, IIS 7.0. This latest version of IIS provides both a web server and application server platform that provides a stable and secure platform for delivering web content. It also looks at adding the FTP service to an IIS server.

New IIS 7.0 Features

The IIS 7.0 services provided by Windows Server 2008 integrates a number of content delivery platforms, including IIS (web services), ASP.NET, and SharePoint services, into one easy-to-manage web platform. IIS 7.0 provides all the security enhancements developed for IIS 6.0 and also enables you to remotely administer websites via a web browser.

IIS 7.0 also provides new features (when compared to IIS 6.0). These new features include a new IIS management tool and other improvements to IIS that are transparent to the IIS administrator. Some of the new IIS 7.0 enhancements are

In a nutshell, IIS 7.0 provides a scalable, easily managed, and secure web server and application server environment. This means that a single IIS application server can provide the home for a number of websites and application platforms. You can use IIS 7.0 to serve both internal and external content to users.

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