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Network Address Translation (NAT) enables you to automatically assign a range of private IP addresses to a group of computers. This way you can “hide” the computers behind the NAT server, which can be connected to a public network via a public IP address. To use NAT on a server running Windows Server 2008, you need two network interfaces on the server.

One network interface connects to the group of computers that is to use the private IP addressing range. The other network interface can be connected to a public network connection, such as a DSL or broadband connection. Using NAT in this way enables you to provide an Internet connection to several computers with only one public IP address. NAT is one of the services available on a server configured with the Routing and Remote Access Services role.

Certificate Services provides a method of identifying public key holders with digital certificates. A number of public Certificate Authorities are available that can provide digital certificates for network services and security signing of software applications. You can also configure a Certificate Authority for your domain or enterprise network, using a server running Windows Server 2008.

You make a server a CA by adding Certificate Services to the server’s configuration, using the Add or Remove Programs applet.

After Certificates Services has been added to the server, you can fine-tune the settings for the certificate server, using the Certification Authority snap-in. When a CA is up and running on the network, users can request certificates. Clients such as Windows XP (and Windows Server 2008) use the Certificates snap-in to manage and request certificates for the local computer (and local users). Certificate requests are handled by the Certificate Request Wizard. This wizard enables you to select the type of certificate that is being requested and specify a friendly name for the certificate. When the certificate is received, it is added to the local computer certificates store.

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