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Q.What type of firewall is the Windows Firewall?
A.The Windows Firewall is a stateful firewall, meaning it keeps track of the state of a computer’s network connections as it examines both incoming and outgoing data packets.
Q.What are firewall profiles?
A.Windows Firewall profiles relate to connection types. There are three firewall profiles: domain, public, and private. Each profile is responsible for a connection type, and so has different rules to manage the security for that particular network connection type.
Q.What mechanism does the Windows Firewall use to allow or deny incoming or outgoing data traffic?
A.The Windows Firewall uses rules to allow or deny network traffic. Inbound rules control inbound connections and outbound rules are used to control outbound traffic. Connection security rules are used to secure point-to-point connections between nodes on the network, such as a server-to-server connection.
Q.What protocol suite provides a method to secure both internal and external IP traffic?
A.IPSec is a suite of protocols that provides cryptographic and security protocols that can secure IP traffic on both internal networks and on remote connections.
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