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The Windows Firewall monitors the state of the computer’s network connections and examines incoming and outgoing data traffic. Basic settings for the Windows Firewall can be configured in the Windows Firewall Settings dialog box, which is accessed via the Windows Control Panel.

More advanced settings for the Firewall, including the creation of inbound, outbound, and connection security rules are configured via the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security snap-in. The snap-in provides access to the Windows Firewall properties dialog box, which enables you to set the state of firewall profiles and configure other settings such as the IPSec settings.

You can use a wizard to create rules (each rule type—inbound, outbound and connection security—has a specific wizard). You can then view rules in the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security snap-in by selecting the appropriate rule node. You can view the properties (and edit those properties) for a particular rule by double-clicking the rule in the Details pane.

IPSec provides security for IP traffic on internal and remote network connections. IPSec encrypts IP packets and uses authentication keys to establish a trust between the sending and receiving computers. You can configure IPSec settings for your Windows Firewall by using the IPSec Settings dialog box (which is accessed via the Windows Firewall with Advanced Settings dialog box).

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