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A useful command-line tool related to this discussion of NetBIOS and WINS is NBTSTAT. NBTSTAT can be used to determine whether the client’s NetBIOS names are registered in the WINS database. It can also be used to release and renew a computer’s NetBIOS names registered with the name server and to show a computer’s current NetBIOS sessions.

To use NBTSTAT, follow these steps:

1. Open a command prompt window (Start, Command Prompt).

2. To view the local computer’s locally registered NetBIOS names, type nbtstat –n.

3. Press Enter.

The NetBIOS local name table for the computer appears. Note that in Figure 20.14, two tables of NetBIOS names are provided: a table for each IP address assigned to the server.

Figure 20.14. NBTSTAT can be used to view the local NetBIOS names.

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As already mentioned, NBTSTAT provides a number of different command extensions that enable you to view NetBIOS information and even renew name registrations or purge the computer’s NetBIOS cache. Some of the more useful forms of the NBTSTAT command are as follows:

Other switches also are available for NBTSTAT. You can view all the different switches for the command; at the command line, type nbtstat/help and then press Enter.

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